Cheryl Hennig, PsyD


Feeling connected to and understood by a counselor is one of the key components for a successful therapy experience. Most people have moments in life when they need the support of a trusted person who can help think through and strategize ways to build the life they desire. I provide a non-judgmental and compassionate atmosphere in which you can safely explore and work through feelings and beliefs that may be keeping you stuck. I utilize a holistic, integrative approach to client-centered therapy delivering traditional cognitive behavioral strategies and other evidence-based techniques, balancing the process with creativity, imagination, humor and gentle nudges. I offer psychological testing as needed, and believe in working collaboratively with physicians, psychiatrists, and other health care professionals to provide an optimum level of care. I am a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Illinois and a wellness counselor. I completed my Baccalaureate of Arts degree at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and my Doctorate of Psychology degree at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. With numerous hours of continuing education and over 20 years of comprehensive clinical experience, I can help you to connect with the best of who you are and challenge you about who you want to become.

Therapy is a partnership and my style is active, collaborative, and empowering. I view you as the expert regarding your circumstances and myself as the expert providing interventions. Together we focus on creating practical solutions and developing concrete goals by utilizing your strengths and fostering insight in a relaxed and caring environment. My practice involves treating depressive, anxiety and bipolar disorders, as well as working with issues related to life transitions, grief and trauma, relationship issues and the aging process. I have experience in counseling individuals with substance abuse issues and understand recovery is a process. I work with divorced and single parents, blended families, teens and young adults, and see people of every age, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. I am dedicated to helping others improve their lives through education, insight, and change. My work with couples and families involves being a sounding board to help strengthen communication and support authentic relationships because research shows unhealthy relationships may cause both emotional and physical stress, whereas healthy relationships can enhance and improve overall well being.  I assist clients to improve their marriages, parenting, communication, coping and life skills. With patience and persistence, my clients cultivate greater confidence, richer relationships, and improved emotional balance and overall health.

I have a particular passion and expertise for working with law enforcement officers, first responders, military personnel, and military veterans. With twenty years of experience in corrections, I can say with great confidence that you are not alone in your challenges, and you don’t have to carry your burden by yourself.  I understand the unique challenges facing law enforcement officers and their families, and we will work together to help you to manage intense levels of daily stress, to cope with rapid changes in the environment, and to adjust to the demands of society.